Wheels On The Bus - July 23, 2019

Hello friends!  It’s time to introduce Blind Chihuahua.  Kalju and I have recently become involved in a live music streaming service with our new friends Paula and Ringo.  Paula’s bio is an impressive one - she’s a producer, mixer, engineer and has worked with INXS, Elton John, K.d Lang and more.  I’m not one to name drop but it’s too impressive not to!  Paula and Ringo have turned a 40ft bus into a mobile studio.  The bus, which is totally rock star cool, sets up at music venues and festivals, mixes the audio and camera feeds and sends it off to the internet for consumption.  That’s the simple version, technically it’s all very involved and brain-bending. 

So, there are two upcoming gigs which I would like to invite you to. 

Fri 26th July - Steve Balbi (Noiseworks) - Live from The Bridge Hotel, Sydney - 8pm 

Head to www.blindchihuahua.com and use the code BALBIFRIEND26 to get free online entry. 


Sat 27th July - Khristian Mizzi - Live from the Blind Chihuahua bus - 8pm 

Head to www.blindchihuahua.com and use the code MIZZIFRIEND27 to get free online entry to this one. 


Until next time, 

Megan x

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