Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Jan 31, 2019

Hi there!  So I thought I might start blogging this year. And I thought I’d title the first one Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ because ever so poetically that’s what is playing in the background right now.  One of my reasons for blogging is that I am involved in some interesting musical projects that will slowly be revealing themselves in the future and I wanna talk about them! Another reason is the fact that sometimes I get inspired to post either a ‘rant’ or a ‘how beautiful’ on social media, but I never do.  I think maybe here is a better place for me to do so.  But, before I start my rant about how I think we should all stand to the side please when waiting for an elevator because the chance that peeps are going to be coming out before we go in are extremely high, I’d like to share some ‘how beautiful’ moments from the last few years. Oh look what I did there, I snuck my rant in first!

How Beautiful No. 1 - This is a track called ‘Hey River’ by Khristian Mizzi.  It’s a stunning song which I’m lucky enough to feature on. 

How Beautiful No. 2 - This is a track called ‘Raise You Up’ by Rosie Burgess.  Rosie needed some weirdness for the solo section and she thought of me - insert weird emoji face here.  Another delicious song with a beautiful message. 

How Beautiful No.3 - I was involved with Yothu Yindi and The Treaty Project for a run of shows over 2017-2018.  What an honour to play alongside some total legends! 

Til next time, 

Megan xx


  • Sazia
    Sazia Glasgow
    I approve of this here blogging and look forward to more. Kiss yo face xx

    I approve of this here blogging and look forward to more. Kiss yo face xx

  • Megan Bernard
    Megan Bernard
    Thanks Sazia! Kiss yo face back! xx

    Thanks Sazia! Kiss yo face back! xx

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