True Colours - Mar 11, 2019

A few years ago I began a project called Song Bomb.  This involved finding unknown artists on YouTube who had recently posted an original song.  The videos were mostly guitar or piano with a vocal recorded straight into the computer mic - nothing fancy, lovingly lo-fi.  My job was to download their videos, add my own production and repost it.  The project was inspired by the likes of Songify and the Shreds videos but without the comical angle.  It is vaguely anti-idol/x-factor by way of creating production around the artist’s existing sound instead of moulding them into something else.  I had grand plans of it going viral - which it did not.   Quite possibly due to the fact that I was going for the anonymous approach so I didn’t share it anywhere!  Anyways, I dig the outcome and feel now is a good time to share with some peeps.   Credit to Kalju for his assistance in this project too.  I hope you enjoy. Spot the known artist - I could totally get in trouble for that one.  There are a couple more on the YouTube channel too.

Megan x


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