It's Only The Beginning - Feb 14, 2019

Hey friends!  So I’ve been umming and ahhing about writing a Valentine’s Day blog post. In fact this is my second attempt. For better or worse, I’ve decided to go with it.  

TOPIC - What happens when you fall in love with your producer?  

Firstly, because it’s long distance you spend HOURS both with headphones on in separate parts of the country listening to music. Fancy technology allowed us to stream our iTunes music to each other so we were listening to the exact same thing at the exact same time. He played me The Cure, Emmylou Harris, Brian Eno, Kate Bush, Tears for Fears, Cocteau Twins, Aphex Twin, Towa Tei....., and I played him artists whose names begin with the letter J - John Martyn, John Mayer, Juana Molina, Jeff Beck, Jill Scott, John Scofield, as well as Meshell Ndegeocello and Imogen Heap of course. The list goes on. Music sounded SO different. It was as though I was listening through his ears and I could hear micro details I’d never heard before. MAGIC!  

Secondly, it was a natural progression (and an excuse to spend more time together) for us to start a production team. So we did. It was at this time that he was producing a record for psychedelic folk duo Datson+Hughes. As I was new on the scene Annette and Geoffrey kindly invited me in to co-produce their record. I was in music nerd heaven recording ethereal backing vocals, ambient guitar and kooky synth parts. Not to mention playing all the hybrid hand made instruments Geoffrey makes (you can see the one he made me on my Instagram).  I was given the song Dark Garden by Annette to “do my thing” with. This was the first song of an artist, other than myself, where I was in charge of creating the sonic picture. Thank you Datson+Hughes - an absolute privilege!  

Thirdly, and definitely not lastly or leastly (say that five times with speed! a real word according to Urban Dictionary too), I wrote a gazillion new songs. They mostly reside on hard drives and in heads but everyday we get closer to setting them free. These songs have become a study into creativity and production. I can’t wait to share them and their stories of creation with you. :-)  

Well that wasn’t too bad, I didn’t gush on and make you feel awkward by sharing too much. I don’t think? I’ll just end this with, I love you Kalju. Happy Day of Love to you all.  

Til next time,  

Megan xx


  • PJ
    PJ Yes
    That was delightful.

    That was delightful.

  • Megan Bernard
    Megan Bernard
    You're lovely xx

    You're lovely xx

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