If Ever You Need a Pick-Me-Up

*Excerpt from Tamlyn Magee’s personal Facebook page (2022)

Tamlyn Magee:

“Please send healing vibes for a kinda alarming throat infection THE WEEK OF THE GIG.. geeeezzz. 

 But please also know that whatever shape my voice is in I’m 1000% committed to tearing it up on the main stage at wanderer festival 1.45pm on Friday arvo! Come and see if I achieve a desirable husky tone by Friday.

Thank you Sue Andrew and Andrew North for the chicken broth, Erin Lynzaat for the supplements and Riley Willcox for being the best friend ever, and all the rest of my friends that patiently listen to me casually freaking out. “

Carl Pannuzzo:

“You know what I’m going to say, so I’ll skip that bit and trust you know it as deeply as the source of music that is stronger than any human limitation you may be familiar with that wants inclusion in the experience, potentially putting the thing at risk. Thank that part and welcome it along to play and tell it you’ve got this. Because it’s not your decision. When the music is on, you will be there, all of you. Feel the shine, don’t look down, and if you do see or hear or notice any of your smaller dears that needed something they didn’t get once, smile at them, nestle them in and breathe love at them, send em on a ride on the vibrations of a coloured string and get back to the work you were born to do. The rest, including the voice, will be taken care of and everyone will feel it. It’s gonna be gold. It’s all happening for a reason - this too, just to give you an opportunity to recognise you are human and also god and decide which bit belongs in what context. You ain’t be gifted your thing for nothing x"